Disclaimer: Below you will find some cases for actual clients of ours with their actual real-world results. In order to protect the confidentiality and privilege our clients have, we have changed the names of those cases which did not go to trial.

Teejay was an accountant getting ready to retire. He was taking the bus one morning as he had done most days for 30 years when the bus travelled over a speed hump in a construction zone at an excessive speed. Most of the passengers flew up in the air and as you can imagine, fell down rapidly. Teejay struck his head on a part of the bus, suffering a significant concussion as well as the loss of a large piece of skin on his head.

After obtaining the necessary treatment and finding the right surgeon to cover up the scar, Resolute Law Group successfully settled Teejay’s claim for over $200,000, making up for his lost income, and the fact that he would have to retire a year earlier than necessary.

They were great! Lots of support and answered all my questions in a timely manner.