We have a long history of representing businesses both large and small in a variety of disputes, but we now focus on small and medium-sized businesses in Alberta and B.C.

High tension situations with business partners, fellow shareholders and customers breed insecurity and risk your assets as well as the future of your family. Your dream business sale or purchase may not be what you thought it was once the ink dries. Business is rife with conflict and every business owner needs knowledgeable assertive counsel from time to time.

What could happen? I’ll never have a problem with my business partner?

Despite prior planning, AGM’s, board meetings and contract performance don’t always go smoothly. Even with written agreements in place, you may be at a loss as to what your options are and often, the path forward is anything but clear. Resolute Law Group assists many clients in resolving business disputes. We help you to understand your options and risks, and lay out a plan to assertively advance your position.

Once your decisions are made, we advocate on your behalf so you can get on with doing what you do best – managing your business and building your future.

What kinds of problems have we fixed?

Here are some examples of Resolute Law Group’s recent representation in corporate and commercial disputes:

  • Settling a long-term, bitter dispute between equal equity shareholders with no written exit strategies in place;
  • Representing the vendor in a dispute over complex terms in an asset purchase agreement;
  • Representing shareholders in a dispute over competing ‘shotgun’ clauses in a Unanimous Shareholder Agreement;
  • Discharging invalid security registrations following a share purchase;
  • Negotiating a reduced payment on a prior judgment on a personal guarantee;
  • Settling a dispute between the buyer and seller of a franchise;
  • Assisting US interests to fire a rogue executive and recouping equipment and funds;
  • Representing investors who were defrauded in securities scams such as Ponzi schemes;
  • Defending brokers and investment advisors against groundless claims or charged with securities violations. (see also our Professional Liability web page).
  • Advising and representing employers and executives in disputes over dismissal and termination. (see also our Employment Law web page).

Why hire Resolute Law Group?

The scope of our experience includes non-Canadian issues. Murray Harris spent two years practicing law offshore, where he was involved in complex commercial litigation matters among international parties. Although no longer qualified to practice outside Canada, our lawyers can assist with providing advice on purely Canadian issues arising from foreign business activities and can assist with the retainer of offshore counsel in niche areas.

Knowledge, integrity and confidentiality are the pillars upon which the team at Resolute Law Group serves their business clients in whatever disputes may arise.