Our experience in handling claims relating to professionals goes back to the 1990’s when Resolute Law Group’s Principal, Murray Harris had a summer job in law school working for a highly regarded Calgary insurance adjuster who only handled professional liability claims.

Since then, we have both defended and prosecuted claims against professionals in B.C., Alberta, Yukon, and in multiple Caribbean countries.

The Professional made a mess – what do I do now?

Professionals, like accountants, land surveyors, financial advisors or, yes, lawyers, make mistakes like the rest of us. The difference is that their self-governing or governmentally regulated bodies require them to have insurance.

That insurance allows those whose interests are injured by negligent professionals to be made whole. Resolute Law Group has significant experience in advancing such claims and historically, with defending claims.

Examples of our work in this field include:

  • Representing numerous injured persons whose lawsuits failed due to lawyer error;
  • Representing a business which was excessively taxed due to poor accounting practices by CGA’s and CPA’s;
  • Representing a family whose RSP was invested entirely in an inappropriate class of investments by a mutual fund sales representative;
  • Second chair in a claim against a big five accounting firm auditor in a Cayman Islands action relating to the Bernard Madoff frauds;
  • Representing a Swiss investment bank to recover funds stolen by an unqualified Jamaican ‘investment advisor’;
  • Representing an Alberta Land Surveyor whose negligent survey caused the construction of a deck overhanging a neighboring property;
  • Representing a prominent Calgary stock broker sued for misrepresentation in the quality of an investment;
  • Representing a high-net worth individual claiming his investment advisor inappropriately invested his life savings.
  • Representing a Calgary small business in a claim for a ‘property flip’ conveyance gone astray.

Resolute Law Group does not practice Medical Malpractice, but would be happy to discuss whether we can help you in your potential claim against a Western Canadian professional.

Do I need a professional liability lawyer?

If you’ve retained a professional to convey your house, prepare your financial statements, invest your life savings or shoot your property line on your new house, and their work has ended up causing you more headaches than joy – or worse, created new problems, we can likely help.