We’ve been riding bikes to work as well as on holidays, in races, or just to the café for over 30 years. Every member of our Firm – lawyers and staff alike – actively and competitively participates in a variety of sports and activities, including triathlon, soccer, equestrian sports, golf and of course – cycling.

We’ve represented Olympic and collegiate-level athletes, along with serious amateurs like sprinters, hockey players, and triathletes; not to mention dozens of cyclists – all of whom have been injured in some way.

Experienced injury lawyers for cyclists and athletes

The claims of serious athletes, no matter how they arise, are unusual – fitter people sometimes recover faster, but never get to the same point that they were before. Insurance companies often don’t accept that you’ve been injured; engaging even in a scaled back training regime after an accident makes them believe you less.

Commuting or recreational cyclists involved in ‘car on bike’ MVA’s have their own set of struggles. Your wheels are gone, so it’s hard to get to treatment; the driver may have taken off, leaving you with difficulties in getting compensation and the injuries are usually more serious even if it’s at a slow speed.

If you’re a serious athlete, or an injured cyclist, we understand you in ways that couch potatoes and commuting drivers will not. We have dozens of successful prosecutions of personal injury claims for high-level athletes and commuting cyclists, and the particular needs of these injured people are not strange to us.

Whether you were knocked off your bike on the way to work, or your MVA injuries have ended your collegiate track career, Resolute Law Group can assist your unique needs and understand you the way other, more sedentary, lawyers cannot.
Some questions some of our clients have had:

Frequently Asked Questions

In Alberta, provided you can establish you tried to find out the identity of the driver who hit you, you may still be entitled to compensation from a fund created by the Provincial Government.

BUT, there’s a very short timeline to provide notice. We strongly recommend that if you or someone you know has been struck by an unknown driver, you call a lawyer as soon as you can. Failing to provide appropriate notice may mean your right to claim just disappears.

The bottom line is you should seek professional medical advice and talk to someone who knows your athletic limits and abilities. You, your doctor and your coach know best.

If your competitive career is prejudiced, you may be entitled to enhanced compensation, but if you took too much time off or your doctor said you could compete, it may reduce your compensation. It’s best to consult legal counsel about how your rights are affected – after you speak with your doctor and your coach.

If you’re not at fault, the other driver’s insurer should put you in the same position as though the accident didn’t occur. If your bike can be replaced with a similar model of a current year or a used one in similar condition, that’s probably the price they should pay you.

A good tip is to just buy a similarly equipped bike and keep the receipt – if the insurer won’t pay you for it, we can help you get compensation as part of your final resolution. If you can’t afford to pay for a new bike, consider calling us to see if we can provide a solution. Not everyone buys their bike at the local big-box store – if your bike is worth more than your car – we understand you!

If you’ve spent a lot on your bike and maintained it, go to your bike shop and see if you can get copies of receipts for the work and new parts you’ve bought. This will help to establish a higher value.

If you were hit by a vehicle, that driver should have what is known as “accident benefits” or “Section B” benefits. This is likely to provide you with some medical treatment payments.

Be careful though: the other driver’s insurer employs a person called a “Bodily Injury Adjuster”, who wants to reduce and defend your claim for compensation. The information you give to the “Accident Benefits Adjuster” will probably end up in the hands of the Bodily Injury Adjuster.

And, the Accident Benefits system is very complicated: many lawyers don’t even know the full extent of an injured person’s entitlements. Adjusters often do a poor job or even give out incorrect information regarding Section B benefits. The best way to ensure you’re protected and getting what you’re entitled to is to call a qualified and experienced personal injury lawyer.