The lawyers at Resolute Law Group have a long history of representing many players in the insurance industry, including:

  • Property & casualty insurers
  • Self-insured entities such as retailers
  • Lloyd’s syndicates
  • Independent adjusters or managing general agents holding the pen
  • Adjusting firms
  • Brokerages

Who do we represent?

Historically, Resolute Law Group’s lawyers have acted in thousands of property and casualty matters such as car crashes and slips and falls. However, Resolute Law Group’s policy is not to represent major Canadian National P & C insurers in motor vehicle accidents or what P & C insurers, unfortunately, refer to as “commodity claims”.

In order to keep a balanced view, Resolute Law Group does represent self-insured entities, syndicates and adjusting firms in coverage, property, and injury claims. Our list of insurer clients is small and many have been with us for decades. Our criteria are based on relationships and an understanding that our clients will receive objective advice, rather than an ideological view of claims handling.

We are proud to provide services to certain parts of the insurance industry in:

  • Coverage disputes;
  • Fire loss;
  • Valuation disputes; and
  • Casualty claims involving insurers acting in good faith.

We also are happy to represent independent adjusters and brokerages of various sizes in regulatory matters involving provincial bodies in Alberta. Resolute Law Group also acts for individuals and small businesses in select actions against insurers relating to coverage of home, life, travel, motor vehicle and accident policies.

Types of insurance cases

What kind of work do we do?

  • Providing coverage opinions on CGL policies, fire losses and other commercial insurance;
  • Representing a U.S.-based convenience store in injury claims;
  • Representing a North American retailer in claims against contractors and subcontractors to enforce indemnities in leases and service agreements;
  • Representing insurers in disputes over the interpretation of exclusion clauses (for example, Fialkow v. The Personal Insurance Company);
  • Representing an Alberta-based brokerage in discussions with the Alberta Insurance Adjuster’s Regulator to qualify a senior adjuster whose qualifications have never been certified through error, bringing about the highest level of qualification granted by the Regulator as a result;
  • Representing a brokerage in complaints made to the Provincial Insurance Ombudsman and the Office of the Superintendent of Insurance in Alberta.
  • Representing individuals denied coverage for travel illness policies.
  • Acting against a life insurer for denial of benefits for a scuba diving death outside Canada.
  • Acting against a P&C insurer for denial of fire loss benefits following the Fort McMurray fires in 2016.

What can we do for you?

As a player in the insurance industry in Western Canada, if you are tired of hearing the same thing on every file from a list of counsel chosen by someone in another province or another country, consider whether Resolute Law Group and its objective experienced counsel may provide you a better solution.

As we say to all our clients, we give you objective and correct advice and help you navigate through your issues; we do not tell you what you want to hear.