Disclaimer: Below you will find some cases for actual clients of ours with their actual real-world results. In order to protect the confidentiality and privilege our clients have, we have changed the names of those cases which did not go to trial.

Stacy was a general contractor and ran her own cleaning service. She had a big family and lived on a farm property. Stacy’s dominant hand was crushed in a construction accident. Stacy reached out to a number of lawyers who refused to meet with her saying that her case was “barred by WCB”.

Immediately after the accident, the company at fault promised Stacy it would “take care of her” but never seemed to respond to calls and never reimbursed her for any of her medical treatments.
Resolute Law Group investigated Stacy’s status with WCB, gathered witness statements and obtained medical evidence about her injury.

Eventually, Resolute Law Group discovered the Workers’ Compensation scheme would not bar Stacy’s recovery and forced the at-fault company to make a claim under their own insurance.

While Stacy’s hand is permanently injured, Stacy received an excellent settlement which will compensate for the fact that her cleaning business shut down, and she will be very limited in her ability to run her general contracting company.

Stacy has decided to use her settlement proceeds to open a winery in a much more manageable occupation than before she was injured.

Murray Harris and his staff are professional and communicative. They gave very solid advice , were very detailed in the process and the outcome was more than satisfying. I would highly recommend Murray and his team!

John Ready