Disclaimer: Below you will find some cases for actual clients of ours with their actual real-world results. In order to protect the confidentiality and privilege our clients have, we have changed the names of those cases which did not go to trial.

Ethan was out for a night on the town with his girlfriend. He had been drinking so allowed his girlfriend to drive home, as she was sober. While driving on Macleod Trail, their car was struck from the side by a 17-year-old who was texting, causing the vehicle to leave the road and strike a bus shelter.

Ethan’s doctors treated him conservatively with physiotherapy and massage. After a year, Ethan still felt like he was injured and in fact felt worse. The other driver’s insurer repeatedly phoned Ethan telling him that as his injuries were only soft tissue, his claim was “capped” and he should just take their offer of $5,000. The insurer advised Ethan that it was not worthwhile to obtain a lawyer because the lawyers would “take more than half of the settlement”. They encouraged Ethan to cut his losses and take them money so he could afford future treatment.

Ethan approached Resolute Law Group wondering if $5,000 was a fair settlement or whether he should “push for $10,000”. We arranged for Ethan to have diagnostic imaging which his doctors recommended but for which there was a long waiting list. It turned out Ethan’s doctors used the MRI result to diagnose him with two herniated discs.

Ethan now manages his permanent injury with injections that were paid for by a healthy settlement: After three years of litigation, Ethan’s claim settled for over $200,000 –$195,000 more than he was initially offered.

Ethan and his girlfriend got married and they have two lovely children.

Murray and Cameron met all of my expectations over the course of the past 2.5 years. They made a difficult situation as easy as possible for us and obtained an excellent outcome. My trust in them was well-founded and my respect for them is well-deserved. I highly recommend these sincere, knowledgeable and experienced professionals to anyone seeking exceptional legal representation.