Disclaimer: Below you will find some cases for actual clients of ours with their actual real-world results. In order to protect the confidentiality and privilege our clients have, we have changed the names of those cases which did not go to trial.

Those green cycling lanes are a guarantee that cars won’t strike you, right? Jane was a single mom with two kids in her 30s who worked in oil & gas. Jane was super fit and cycled to work about 20 km every day. While travelling lawfully in a green bike lane, a passing motorist made a “left hook” and struck Jane on her left side. Jane was thrown in the air and bounced off the windshield as it passed by, driving straight over top of Jane’s bicycle.

Fortunately, Jane was wearing her helmet and was not only in great shape but was very flexible.

Although she suffered significant trauma to her pelvis, and was not a candidate for surgery, her dedication to doing what her doctors told her, along with light exercise and a stretching routine at the right time meant that Jane ended up with merely a full recovery after three years.

Initially, Jane was offered $25,000 after a couple of months by the insurance company. Jane’s big problem was that she needed childcare so that she could sleep to recover from her concussion. Resolute Law Group assisted Jane with obtaining insurance coverage from the at-fault driver’s insurance company so she could get daycare and get the sleep that she needed. Resolute Law Group also handled Jane’s accident benefits claim when the insurer turned her down for a number of treatments.

One of Jane’s problems was a fear of riding her bicycle on the road. With a referral to an appropriate psychologist and forcing the other driver’s insurance company to buy her a new bicycle, a new helmet, and an indoor trainer, Jane was able to return to road riding, and still rides to work today.

Finally, a number of years later, we were able to resolve Jane’s claim for $425,000.

Cory, like Jane, was travelling down a green cycling lane and was struck after a driver did a left hook. Cory is a practicing lawyer and tried to shrug off the injuries. She even went to a board meeting with road rash and blood all over her arms. Once she sought assistance from Resolute Law Group, the other driver’s insurer paid for her bicycle repairs in full, paid for her medical treatments, and provided her with a settlement sufficient to make up for the lost business revenue she had while recovering.

Resolute Law Group has represented and advised a host of other individuals who have been injured in or around the City of Calgary’s funky green cycle lanes, or just been struck by a car on a highway. We even advised a cyclist who was struck by a garage door that closed too quickly as it was not constructed to account for cyclists travelling through it.

I was hit by a car while cycling on Calgary’s Green line bike path. I had a lot of serious soft-tissue injuries, a ton of road rash and pain that kept me out of work for over a month. I didn’t break any bones so wasn’t even sure if I could sue the driver. I lost a lot of income as I run my own small business. I went to Resolute Law Group and they informed me of my rights and helped me through the process. I was able to get the medical help I needed at the other driver’s expense with their help, and Resolute Law Group negotiated on my behalf to get a settlement that took care of my business losses, expenses and some more for my weeks of pain and inconvenience. They also forced the driver’s insurance company to pay for my bike repairs. I highly recommend Resolute Law Group to anyone who is injured through an accident. Even if you think it’s minor and the insurance company is telling you it’s not worth your time, or it’s “Capped”, go to Resolute Law Group. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the result and they will take care of you!