Disclaimer: Below you will find some cases for actual clients of ours with their actual real-world results. In order to protect the confidentiality and privilege our clients have, we have changed the names of those cases which did not go to trial.

Jim was in his late 50s and a successful auto executive in Ontario. Jim was recruited to come to Alberta and work for a competitor in the auto industry. He and his wife sold their house in Ontario, moved to Alberta and bought another house, and incurred significant expenses for new furniture, moving, realtor fees, etc. Jim’s expectation based on his new employer’s statements was that he would work at the new company until he retired.

Five months after he arrived in Calgary, Jim was let go “without cause”, but was told by his employer that his performance was terrible and that they had expected more of him. The employer paid him two weeks severance and offered him two weeks more if he would sign a Release. In the meantime, Jim had over $15,000 of moving expenses that had not been paid despite the company’s promise.

Resolute Law Group intervened and in a period of less than two months, negotiated four months severance pay and full payment of his moving expenses, all paid in a system which Jim’s tax advisors told him would result in the payment of the least amount of tax possible on a legal basis.

I called Murray when I received a layoff package, he was recommended by a friend. He took the time to understand my situation and background and made great recommendations on how to negotiate a better package. His feedback was detailed and quick which lead me to getting double the package originally offered by my former employer within a week of the layoff.

Martindale Hubbell