Disclaimer: Below you will find some cases for actual clients of ours with their actual real-world results. In order to protect the confidentiality and privilege our clients have, we have changed the names of those cases which did not go to trial.

Oil Company A ran into significant difficulty after the 2014 drop in oil prices, and elected to terminate its chief executive officer without cause. Oil Company A offered the amount of severance payable under the executive’s employment agreement but the executive chose to hire employment counsel who advanced a claim for over $600,000 more than the agreed amount.

Murray Harris of our Firm negotiated a settlement for Oil Company A whereby a significantly reduced amount of that demand would be paid over a period of two years. In exchange, the executive agreed to honour significant non-competition convenants, and ensured the executive’s intellectual capital was secured through a series of agreed meetings after the settlement.

I called Murray when I received a layoff package, he was recommended by a friend. He took the time to understand my situation and background and made great recommendations on how to negotiate a better package. His feedback was detailed and quick which lead me to getting double the package originally offered by my former employer within a week of the layoff.

Martindale Hubbell