Car Accident in Alberta

Feb 16, 2023

If you’ve ever been in a car accident, you know how traumatic the experience can be. Vehicle accidents can be life-altering events. Yes, some accidents are more severe than others. However, each car accident can affect you on many fronts: physical, emotional, psychological, etc. For this reason, getting counsel from a personal injury lawyer is prudent if you’ve been injured in a car accident that was not your fault.

At Resolute Law Group, we are a team of litigation and car accident lawyers in Calgary. We want you to know the proper response in the event of an accident. Here are 6 things you should know about vehicle collisions in Alberta.

1. Remain at the Scene 

It may seem like common sense, but do not flee the scene of an accident. Many Albertans have failed to recognize the importance of this. In Alberta, if you flee from a car accident, it could result in criminal charges.

2. Contact Emergency Services

If any injuries have resulted from the accident, call 911 immediately. Do not wait or hesitate. Inform the dispatcher of the accident and that someone was injured. Also, give them as much accurate information as you can regarding:

  • Location of the accident 
  • Time and date of the accident
  • Number of vehicles and people involved
  • Details of injuries
  • How the situation unfolded, etc.

And lastly, stay close to any injured individuals and reassure them that help is coming. 

3. Find Safety

When it is safe, move all vehicles involved in the accident away from oncoming traffic. Don’t try inspecting the vehicles by standing behind, in between, or in front of them. Set traffic cones around the scene if possible, and turn your hazard lights on to notify motorists until police and medical assistance arrive. 

4. Gather Details

If you are able to, you should gather as much information as possible; take pictures of any vehicle damage and the location of the collision. Also, collect the following information from yourself and the other driver.

Information about you:

  1. List the damage your vehicle sustained
  2. If your vehicle is still driveable
  3. List how many passengers were present and if anyone was injured
  4. Your name

Information about the other driver:

  • The Driver’s name and address 
  • Driver’s personal contact information (cellphone, work phone, email, etc.)
  • Take a photograph of the other Driver’s insurance card and vehicle registration 
  • Record the name of the other driver’s insurer and the insurance policy number 
  • Location of vehicle damage

5. Notify the Police

You should notify the police if: 

  1. Anyone is injured in the car accident
  2. If any vehicles are inoperable as a result of the accident
  3. If vehicle damage appears to exceed $2,000
  4. The other driver cannot provide proof of insurance or a valid driver’s license

6. Inform Your Insurer 

Inform your insurer of the collision details as soon as possible. Also, notify them of any vehicle damages or personal injuries. 

Next Step: Speak with a Car Accident Lawyer Today

It can be confusing knowing what to do in a car accident. Numerous variables are at play, and many steps must be taken. Talking to a professional can help lead you in the right direction and clarify your eligibility for a claim. At Resolute Law Group, we are your personal injury lawyers in Calgary. We guide you with empathy as we simplify the complex system of Alberta law. So contact us today to speak with a car accident lawyer

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